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Martha Stewart
midoriotoko wrote in everyday_tao
I revisit Toaism every now and again.  It does not preoccupy my time.  Nor am I a Tao master who meditates at the top of a temple, hidden amongst mountains.  I am your everyday guy.  I use Taosim as a tool, when it's needed.

I go through life with a toolbox of things that I use.  Religion, past experiences, things my father taught me, lessons I've learned and others are the tools that I use to carve my way through life a day at a time.

It helps me through the more difficult days and so does it help me appreciate the easier days.  I take time to reflect and harness my emotions, those things that get in the way of being an enlightened individual.  I think Lao Tzu, years and years ago, may have thought the same thing - that emotions can get in the way of things but can also be what makes life worth living.  Control of emotions is control over one's self but because you can control something doesn't mean you should.  Knowing you have the ability to control makes us feel less powerless over things and makes accepting positive or negative things easier.

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I believe this is why Buddhism helped 'fill the gap' and teachers that emotions are good but don't let them control you.

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