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Hey everybody. I thought I would take some time and introduce myself. (Also, I am posting from my phone. So please excuse any typos.)

My name is Jaime and I have become an aspiring Taoist. I come from a pagan background and a few months ago discovered the Tao Te Ching. Since then I have been reading to any book about the Tao I can get my hands on. Listening to any tape or CD I can find, etc. It was just one of things were I read it and everything just clicked. Finally! I now know it's okay not to have labels for everything. Which is something I've been struggling with for a number years now. Especially, when it came to my own identity and sexuality.

The Tao just makes me feel at home. As it should. XD lol

Anyway, I have been trying to find some place where I can meet other taoist (master or not) so I'm excited to be a member of this community.

If you wanna friend me, go ahead. Though let me know, cuz lately I've been getting a lot of those spam lj's trying to friend me. :-)

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I revisit Toaism every now and again.  It does not preoccupy my time.  Nor am I a Tao master who meditates at the top of a temple, hidden amongst mountains.  I am your everyday guy.  I use Taosim as a tool, when it's needed.

I go through life with a toolbox of things that I use.  Religion, past experiences, things my father taught me, lessons I've learned and others are the tools that I use to carve my way through life a day at a time.

It helps me through the more difficult days and so does it help me appreciate the easier days.  I take time to reflect and harness my emotions, those things that get in the way of being an enlightened individual.  I think Lao Tzu, years and years ago, may have thought the same thing - that emotions can get in the way of things but can also be what makes life worth living.  Control of emotions is control over one's self but because you can control something doesn't mean you should.  Knowing you have the ability to control makes us feel less powerless over things and makes accepting positive or negative things easier.
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Hi, I'm fairly new to LJ.  I'm just beginning to learn about Taoism and thought it'd be interesting to see what perspectives I could find on here about it, although it doesn't look like anyone posts here much...
drain and strain yourself through this


The wave washes into the beach and the rolls out. There is a high tide and a low tide; one doesn't exist without the other. The water gives life and takes it away. It has always been there and will always be.

It cares not about race, sex, religion or creedo. It turns a blind eye to act of charity and villainy. It is impartial as it is wise. It's calm is as dangerous as it's excitement.

It retains it's balance without fail. Understand, this is its way, it will never be anything else.

Should you be like the Sea?

Is anybody out there?

I'm sad because the only two Taoist groups I have found on LJ are both mostly defunct.
Let's get this comm going again.

Here's my contribution, both from the book, The Tao of Pooh:

"Hui-tse said to Chuang-tse, 'I have a large tree which no carpenter can cut into lumber. Its branches and trunk are crooked and tough, covered with bumps and depressions. No builder would turn his head to look at it. Your teachings are the same- useless, without value. Therefore, nobody pays attention to them.'
...Chuang-tse replied, 'You complain that your tree is not valuable as lumber. But you could make use of the shade it provides, rest under its sheltering branches, and stroll beneath it, admiring it character and appearance. Since it would not be endangered by an axe, what could threaten its existence? It is useless to you only because you want to make it into something else and you do not use it in its proper way."

The Episode of Eeyore being Bounced- A.A. Milne

"How did you fall in, Eeyore?" asked Rabbit, as he dried him with Piglet's handkerchief.
"I didn't." said Eeyore.
"But how--"
"I was BOUNCED," said Eeyore.
"Oo," said Roo excitedly, "did somebody push you in?"
"Somebody BOUNCED me. I was just thinking by the side of the river-thinking, if any of you know what that means, when I received a loud BOUNCE."
"Ooh, Eeyore!" said everybody.
"Are you sure you didn't slip?" asked Rabbit wisely.
"Of course I slipped! If you're standing on the slippery bank of a river and somebody BOUNCES you loudly from behind, you slip. What did you think I did?"
"But who did it?" asked Roo.
Eeyore didn't answer.
" I expect it was Tigger," said Piglet nervously.
"But, Eeyore," said Pooh, "was it a Joke, or an Accident? I mean--"
"I didn't stop to ask, Pooh. Even at the very bottom of the river I didn't stop to say to myself, 'IS this a Hearty Joke, or is the Merest Accident?' I just floated to the surface, and I said to myself,'It's wet.'
If you know what I mean."

I love it!

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water always gets where it's going, eventually.
the worst that happens is that is dries out and becomes one with the earth.
quantum physics have shown us all things are made of one thing.
why should we fear our transformation?
don't become angry.
be kind.
love all around you to the best of your ability.