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shrim wrote in everyday_tao
Hi, I'm fairly new to LJ.  I'm just beginning to learn about Taoism and thought it'd be interesting to see what perspectives I could find on here about it, although it doesn't look like anyone posts here much...

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I started my journey with The Tao of Power by RL Wing:

It has a journal section where you can write as you read.

Ideally I started this forum as a way for people to explore Taoism on an "everyday" type of aspect - like how you apply it to cell phones(!) to a romantic point of view.

If there was a fault to be had, it is mine. But as it is, there is no fault - only a cycle of action and inaction.

EDIT> I have had two copies of the aforementioned book. The second is still in my possession, the first I gave away to a friend who needed it far more than I did (I hope so anyway). In some ways I regret it since it had several entries that I wrote in it about my journey that would be nice to read again. However, I believe it makes it more useful, provided I am not misguided. It would be nice if he passed it along with his knowledge as well, at least in my eyes.

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