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shrim wrote in everyday_tao
Hi, I'm fairly new to LJ.  I'm just beginning to learn about Taoism and thought it'd be interesting to see what perspectives I could find on here about it, although it doesn't look like anyone posts here much...

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No, unfortunately there aren't many posts here (which I am to blame for as much as anyone else).

Have you read The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff yet? Both are great resources for someone just starting to try to figure out what Taoism is all about. They are delightful!

I read The Tao of Pooh about a year ago and I'm just finishing up Te of Piglet now, I've really enjoyed them both.

When I read, "Chronicles of Tao" by Deng Ming-Dao, I was no longer doubtful.

We don't post much here, you're absolutely correct. Perhaps folks like yourself will motivate us.

I just looked it up, sounds like an interesting read, thanks!

I started my journey with The Tao of Power by RL Wing:

It has a journal section where you can write as you read.

Ideally I started this forum as a way for people to explore Taoism on an "everyday" type of aspect - like how you apply it to cell phones(!) to a romantic point of view.

If there was a fault to be had, it is mine. But as it is, there is no fault - only a cycle of action and inaction.

EDIT> I have had two copies of the aforementioned book. The second is still in my possession, the first I gave away to a friend who needed it far more than I did (I hope so anyway). In some ways I regret it since it had several entries that I wrote in it about my journey that would be nice to read again. However, I believe it makes it more useful, provided I am not misguided. It would be nice if he passed it along with his knowledge as well, at least in my eyes.

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